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We are proud to offer quality business solutions to Quebec SMEs.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In a rapidly changing world, changes are becoming the norm rather than the exception, companies must have optimal business processes as well as tools allowing them to stay up to date in their market while being efficient, profitable and above all competitive.

Here are some mandates that our clients entrust to us:

  • Analysis of current business processes making it possible to diagnose the gaps between the present situation and that sought

  • Digital shift 4.0

  • Optimization of business processes and support for the client in the choice of business solutions to be chosen based on specifications

  • Website design. Our approach is to provide modern and affordable web solutions that can promote your business as well as sell online, make appointments, manage payments, etc.

  • Marketing strategy and implementation of a CRM ( "c r lient- elationship- m anager" or French "Manager customer relationship")

  • Optimization of sales

  • Automated intelligent accounting

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Our personal income tax, accounting and administrative support services are virtually offered.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

For the 3 services, it's simple and easy to get the service you need:

  • For tax purposes, choose in our online store the service corresponding to your tax situation: student, employee, retiree, self-employed worker, owner

  • For all virtual services, make an appointment online at a time that suits you among the available time slots to discuss your situation with an expert advisor

  • Document exchange by secure link

  • Secure payment

Virtual accounting and virtual administrative assistance, you benefit from a service corresponding to your needs, whether occasional or on a regular basis.

The goal of our services is to save you time and money compared to the face-to-face services offered by our competitors.

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